The Al-Andalus Art and Culture Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote and publicise the cultural, palpable and abstract heritage of Andalucía, establishing agreements and alliances for action with the Arab world and especially with the people who have had special historical significance in the development of Al-Andalus. As well as the promotion of artists and writers, and in general, all people that relate to the Arab world.

The Al-Andalus Foundation intends to organise a series of activities to promote and publicise the Arab culture in Andalucía, specifically in the province of Málaga, as the headquarters is situated in Marbella.


logo“Our logo, made ​​by the artist Miguel Moreno, is a statue that honours Phoenicians, formed by the figures of a man, a boat and a horse. It is a symbol of history and of our ancestors on their journey by boat to Granada, from the Near and Middle East. The Phoenician, a civilization that spread across the Mediterranean coast of Europe and Asia, left an important cultural legacy. This is the link created between the civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. It reflects an adventurous and restless man who wanted to discover the world travelling by boat. He faced countless difficulties like the wind but he was assertive of his strength and courage. Beside him is his horse which was symbol of nobility, wealth and generosity. ”

–  The Foundation.


The objective of the Foundation is established in the following points:

  • Promoting the arts and culture of Andalucía.
  • Promotion and publication of the cultural and historical legacy of Al-Andalus.
  • Publication of the work from different, current Andalucían artists.
  • Publication and practice of architect and engineer Martin Aldehuela.

For this objective we have decided on a series of actions which are:

  • To promote the culture of Andalucía through lectures and publications. The Institute of Contemporary Arts have requested a grant from the Ministry of Culture to begin editing a magazine, in a print and digital format, which will be distributed in different cultural areas of Spain and Europe, as well as in the cultural circles of the United Arab Emirates. We are also working on the possibility of reaching an agreement with the University of Málaga with Professor Al-Babtain and the Islamic Cultural Centre of the mosque in Málaga.
  • To successively establish agreements with Andalucían artists, including: the painter Amesa, the painter Cecilia Mariano Ruiz, the sculptors Miguel Moreno Romero y José María Moreno, Augusto Moreno the innovative artist who reproduced the Andalucían legacy … And finally, with Miguel Ángel Ruiz Jiménez the potter.
  • We cannot forget music and performing arts. Hence our partnership with the cultural manager, Taté Alamos, who specialises in classical music.
  • We will publicise and defend the historical memory of the Teruel Martin Aldlehuela, in Málaga, the city where he died in 1802. He was responsible for bringing water to cities such as Málaga and Ronda. He was also the author of such notable works as the Tajo de Ronda, the Episcopal Palace in Málaga, the Church of San Felipe Neri (Málaga), the Student Residence Palace of Charles V in the Alhambra, the Agreement of San Telmo, the church of Petras and Light (Cuenca), among many other works. Some of them have been declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
  • We will establish cultural relations, of all kinds, with other cultural foundations, such as the footprint of the East Foundation, with whom we have great connections with from work and collaboration.