The Al-Andalus Foundation has established agreements with various Andalucían artists who, in one way or another, are committed to the Moorish culture. The Foundation will publicise the art of our artists through exhibitions, fairs, conferences, etc.., Both in Spain, the rest of Europe and some Arab countries. All with the same goal: to establish links between current artistic expressions of various authors on the two sides of the Mediterranean.

Mariano Ruiz Cecilia

The painter Mariano Ruiz Cecila, represents the most innovative avant-garde painting of our region. From his farm in the province of Jaén, he has >>

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Amesa – Antonia Mesa Perez

The Andalucían painter Antonia Mesa, better known as Amesa, currently represents the artistic abstraction of avant-garde, especially in regards to >>


José María Moreno Rodrigo

He is a sculptor who is passionate about nature and one of the few artists in the world that is capable of accurately reproducing the world of >>


Augusto Moreno Rodrigo

He is an innovative artist of indescribable art reproduction from a luxurious bargain legacy. Through the brass plates and a system of acids he is >>


Miguel Moreno

Award-winning sculptor Miguel Moreno is a spotless artist with various national and international awards, which highlight his successful and unique >>